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Game Title
Game Size
69.0 MB
Win 95/98/NT
Arkoss is the combination of an action title and a role-playing game. The action is implemented through the frequent, fast-paced, real time battle sequences. The role-playing portion is demonstrated with character choices, non-player character interactions, quests, and character development.

1.36 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/NT
Avalon is 2D RPG with a classic gameplay. The story is about a hero who must save humanity from extinction. Of course this is not an easy task, so you must fight powerful creatures and solve puzzles to achieve this.

Beneath A Steel Sky
7.3 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP
A point & click adventure from 1994 which was recently released as freeware. You will need to download ScummVM from the author's website to play this game.

Blade Mistress
1.2 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/XP
Blade Mistress is a server-centric, ultra-low bandwidth, persistent world, massively multiplayer, 3D graphical fantasy role-playing game.

1.6 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/NT
Cult is a freeware adventure game that casts you in the role of police officer Zack Bon. Using negotiation and trade, you must resolve a situation involving barricaded cultists in a villa two kilometers away from town. You must infiltrate the villa and rescue hostages held captive by heavily armed cult members. If you enjoyed the Zelda Series, this is a must have for your collection.

Dark Quest
0.3 MB
DOS/Win 95/98/2K/XP
Dark Quest is top view, action battle game set in a fantasy world. It´s a mixture of several genres: action, strategy and RPG.

Dink Smallwood
23.3 MB
Win 9x/ME/2K/NT
Explore a magical world and help a boy become a man. This Zelda-style adventure has the player control a pig farmer, who aspires to become a hero.

Heroine Iysayana Chapter One
3.3 MB
Win 98/ME/XP
A humorous Japanese-style role-playing game. It takes place in the crazy computer game world Byteria. Our title character is Iysayana, the only elf in the small kingdom Ashford. For her, life is nothing but a great party. She really doesn´t think about anything else than bashes, boys and booze - until now. The goddess Yw´nafob forces Iysayana to become a heroine and save Ashford from the evil Lord Shadmyr. The problem with it: First she must find out why Shadmyr is evil at all.

Hungry Yogi
0.8 MB
Win 95/98/ME
To kill his hunger Yogi must get from the pantry at least 3 jars of honey.

0.2 MB
Middle Earth Tale 3. A Tolkien inspired qbasic RPG. You, the hero, must find a dragon from the forgotten ages.

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